Download lectures in Concept Software

If you have taken the lectures in Download mode, then follow the below mentioned steps.

Step 1: After successful installation of the software, go to the software dashboard.

  • Click on “Update Course” button if you subscribed the course in Download mode.
  • Select the course which you want to update.
  • After selecting the desired course, your subscribed course will be updated automatically and you don’t need any index file for the same.
  • A pop up will appear “Your course has been updated” after successful updation.
  • Check the “Course List” in the software dashboard, all the chapters are already mounted.


Step 2: Select any chapter and then click on “Video Downloader” button, a download box will appear.

  • Select the desired video file and click on “Download” button.
  • After successful downloading of all the lectures in that particular chapter, close the download box.
  • Then click on “Request Password” button for collecting views for watching lectures.

After collecting the password, click on “Play” button to watch the lectures.